Joyce and Lincoln’s K-Drama Vibe Wedding

Captured & submitted by D. Park Studios



Joyce and Lincoln were inseparable since they first met in high school. Bonding over shared interests, their friendship blossomed over boba and coffee dates. As they grew older, their love for food and the great outdoors deepened, solidifying their connection. Their relationship took a romantic turn during their first year of college, spending a blissful summer together as a couple. Little did they know, this would mark the beginning of a 16-year journey filled with love and memories.

After years of nurturing their love, Joyce and Lincoln found themselves engaged and blessed with a beautiful one-year-old daughter named Olivia. The couple began planning their dream wedding, which embodied their shared values and cultural heritage. Their special day commenced with a serene tea ceremony at Joyce’s house, creating an intimate atmosphere that symbolized their family’s blessings. The morning transitioned into a picturesque ceremony at the St. Columban Church of Garden Grove, where Joyce and Lincoln exchanged heartfelt vows. The celebration continued at the grand Diamond Seafood Palace, adorned with elegant black and gold decorations that reflected their sophisticated taste. With their vision set on ensuring their guests’ enjoyment, they hired talented entertainers to captivate and enliven the atmosphere. The couple’s priority was to capture the vibrant expressions and joyous moments shared by their loved ones, preserving the memories of their unforgettable day for years to come.

In choosing their photographers and videographers, Joyce and Lincoln emphasized the importance of vibrant colors. They wanted their photographs and films to reflect the lively energy and vibrant spirit of their wedding day. With a keen eye for detail, the chosen professionals embraced their vision, ensuring that each shot and frame exuded the same enchanting atmosphere that surrounded the couple throughout their celebration. As the years passed and their journey continued, the vibrant photographs and films remained a testament to the enduring love and joy Joyce and Lincoln shared on that momentous day.


Caterer:Main Squeeze Catering//Reception Venue:Diamond Seafood Palace//Event Venue:Saint Columban Church//Floral Designer: Better Choice Flower//Makeup Artist: Pink Unicorn Beauty//Event Planner: Annie Nguyen//Photographer: D. Park Studios//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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