Amy and Larry’s Heartwarming and Intimate Elopement at Rosemary Beach

Captured & submitted by Anna Holden Photo


Amy and Larry’s intimate Rosemary Beach elopement cast against the backdrop of the Gulf of Mexico was filled with unexpected twists, tons of laughter, and heartwarming moments.

The day was clear and bright with cool weather that only a fall day in November could have. As I arrived at Amy and Larry’s beach rental, I was warmly welcomed by Larry. Engulfed by a hug, I knew these were my people. It didn’t take long for me to feel like a part of the Young family.

As Amy finished getting ready, Larry and I headed to the third-floor walkway to prep him for their first look. This moment was huge for both A+L and they wanted it to be perfect.

After coaching Amy and Larry on the first look processional, they each took their spots – Amy at the bottom of the stairs hidden behind an alcove, and Larry facing away from us on the exterior walkway. I put myself to the side to capture the moment and give them plenty of space for intimacy. Once they were ready, Amy would walk through the door and place her hand on Larry’s shoulder. It only took seconds of Larry seeing Amy for the first time for tears to well in his eyes. These are the moments that make this job so, so, so good.

Once we headed downtown, we knew that our original plans would need a pivot. On this very day, Rosemary Beach was hosting a wine festival that managed to block all beach views. As we made our way to The Pearl, Amy and Larry were given tons of congratulations and words of excitement. Once we were inside The Pearl, we settled on a backroom for a cocktail. The vibe was cut short by a busboy telling us that we couldn’t take photos inside without written permission from the marketing manager. After calling the marketing manager with no avail, we pivoted again and for the better. Amy and Larry rolled with the punches and decided to shake things up by heading to Fonville Press, a bright and airy modern beach bar and market. Craft cocktails and a cozy atmosphere? Yes, please!

Amy and Larry cozied up on a corner of the bar, ordered a white wine and a 30A Ricky, and enjoyed each other’s company as they geared up for exchanging vows. There was a funky bathroom wallpapered in bright pink flamingos that I wanted to get Amy and Larry in front of before we left. Because nothing says Florida like sneaking into a bathroom filled with bright wallpaper and tropical birds.

Now, let’s talk about the real magic – the private beach ceremony. Amy and Larry, surrounded by their kids, exchanged vows against the backdrop of a breathtaking Gulf of Mexico sunset. You could feel the love that everyone shared in this moment. They celebrated with a first dance surrounded by their kids and blasting Forever Young.

As the day turned into night, Amy and Larry shared a private moment on the beach as I headed back to the house to capture their kids hanging out. While their parents savored the moment, the kids shotgunned celebratory beers to ring in the evening.

As the night quickly set in, Amy and Larry, with their children by their side, enjoyed the most gorgeous candle-lit dinner on the back porch. Packing up my camera gear, I couldn’t help but feel grateful for being part of Amy and Larry’s day. In her inquiry form, Amy had described her and Larry as “a laid-back couple that loves to have fun doing anything or nothing at all.” It wasn’t until I got to spend the day with them that I realized they will find fun and laughter in every moment together – even getting kicked out of a wine bar. Their love story taught me that love should be celebrated even when life throws you curve balls. Here’s to Amy and Larry, a couple who knows how to turn every twist into a magical moment. #ForeverYoung


Photographer: Anna Holden Photo//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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