Quinn and Jon’s Eclectic Arcade Wedding in Nashville

Captured & submitted by Chris and Micaela


Step into the whimsical world of Jon and Quinn’s wedding day, a celebration filled with love, laughter, and unexpected surprises. Held on October 20, 2024, in the vibrant city of Nashville, Tennessee, this unconventional wedding was a true reflection of the couple’s unique love story and playful personalities.

The festivities began at The Russell, a charming boutique hotel nestled within the walls of a historic church. With its stained glass windows, brick walls, and thoughtful details, such as the repurposed church pews as bed headboards, The Russell provided a picturesque backdrop for the couple’s getting-ready moments. As guests entered the hotel, they were greeted by a colorful tapestry of designs and an environment that felt both fun and intimate. Because The Russell has no onsite staff and operates more like an Airbnb, it felt like we had the whole hotel to ourselves to celebrate with the couple and their guests.

From there, the celebration moved to Game Terminal, an arcade venue where Jon and Quinn exchanged vows amidst the glow of neon lights and vintage arcade games. The intimate ceremony, shared with their closest friends and family, was a blend of nostalgia and romance. As the newlyweds sealed their love with a kiss, the arcade games sprung to life, illuminating the room with a symphony of colors.

Quinn and Jon both chose to surprise each other at the ceremony with their wedding attire. Quinn wore an ethereal dusty blue tulle gown with floor-length, capelike sleeves and a soft dusting of sparkles throughout. Jon put together a custom 4-piece outfit, including green velvet pants, a gold satin ruffled shirt, a vintage vest with neon patterns and a Mickey Mouse print, and a red fringe suede jacket. Rather than a flower bouquet, Quinn carried a whimsical pouf of pastel cotton candy, made onsite just moments before the ceremony.

The reception was a playful affair, with the couple and their guests indulging in arcade games and savoring two of the couple’s favorite desserts – brownies and cannolis.

Jon and Quinn’s wedding party, comprised of their four shared best friends, joined in on the festivities with jewel-toned dresses and iconic hairstyles. One of the most memorable requests the bride had was to take some photos with her friends in the arcade’s bathroom. We were confused until we saw the colorful mural and the neon sign that fit the wedding vibes perfectly!

From the unique details of the wedding invitation, inspired by airplane tickets, to the exchange of rings – Quinn initially proposed to Jon with a blue ring pop, so they waited to trade their official wedding rings during the ceremony – every aspect of Jon and Quinn’s wedding was a testament to their unconventional love story and adventurous spirits!


Invitation Designer: URBANcoast//Dress Store:Arden Bridal Tampa//Jewelry: Kiefer Jewelers//Event Venue: Game Terminal//Accomodations: The Russell//Officiant: The Tennessee Wedding Room//Event Planner: Hello Darling Social Events//Photographer: Chris and Micaela//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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