Sunghee and Ben’s Rainy Day Engagement at the Lyric Opera House

Captured & submitted by Sarah Nader Photography


Sunghee and Ben, avid opera enthusiasts and proud members of the Lyric Opera House in Chicago, invited me to capture their love story in a setting as grand as their passion for the arts. As a Chicago wedding photographer, I knew this Lyric Opera engagement session was destined to be something special.

Stepping into the Lyric Opera House felt like entering a world of timeless elegance. The ornate ceilings and opulent surroundings created an atmosphere that echoed the grandeur of Sunghee and Ben’s love. The venue, with its rich history, provided a perfect canvas to document their journey towards matrimony.

Despite the rain that greeted us on that particular day, Sunghee and Ben embraced the weather with unwavering enthusiasm. As they strolled through the majestic halls of the opera house, their laughter resonated against the high ceilings. The couple’s connection with the opera house was not merely symbolic. It was deeply ingrained in their shared love for the arts. Being members, they found solace and beauty in the familiar surroundings that witnessed many arias and love stories unfold on its stage. Embracing the spontaneity of the moment, Sunghee and Ben seized the opportunity to venture outside. Armed with an umbrella, they stepped onto a nearby Chicago bridge, determined to capture the essence of their love against the backdrop of the city. The raindrops created a poetic ambiance, adding a touch of romance to the already enchanting engagement session. As the couple huddled together under the umbrella, their connection became even more palpable. Every click of my camera immortalized not just a moment in time, but a testament to their enduring love.

In the end, this engagement session at the Lyric Opera House transcended the ordinary. It became a symphony of love, with Sunghee and Ben as the lead performers. As a Chicago wedding photographer, I couldn’t have asked for a more magical setting to document the prelude to their wedding day. The Lyric Opera House, with its grandeur and history, played a supporting role in their love story, creating a visual masterpiece that will resonate through the ages.


Other Location:Lyric Opera//Ceremony Location: Lyric Opera House Chicago//Photographer: Sarah Nader Photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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