Veronika and George’s Culturally Rich Wedding with Greek and Croatian Influences

Captured & submitted by EV Photography


Veronika and George are high school sweethearts, but with a zesty twist. George’s family is Greek Orthodox and Veronika’s family is Croatian and Catholic. Both families exude a cultural richness that transcends generations. More than a few couples before them have struggled with how to piece together the mosaic of two such diverse religions and cultures, but for Veronika and George the seasons of dating, engagement, and wedding planning have only drawn them closer together.

George and Veronika’s day unfolds with humor and a palatable lightness. In good natured, Greek fun, George’s groomsmen razz him as he gets ready. Playful pinches and slaps proceed him before George is sat in a chair and hoisted above his groomsmen.

Veronika’s day unfolds a little more peacefully; her bridesmaids don matching pink pajamas and savor reading their personalized letters from Veronika while they await hair and makeup. They share a first look with the bride outside her childhood home before they rush back inside laughing and smiling, completely unphased by the rain that just dampened where they had been standing.

The ceremony is rich in the traditions of the Greek Orthodox faith. The ornate, wooden pews groan slightly as they support the nearly 400 guests whose eyes are transfixed on the couple. Centuries old tradition unfolds as the couple holds the white taper wedding lambathes (candles) symbolizing the willingness of the couple to receive Christ.

The Koumbaro, George’s best man, takes great care in exchanging the two Stefana crowns from the bride and groom’s heads three heads as tradition dictates. The priest offers the bride and groom the Common Cup, the Blessing, and then removes the Stefana crowns from their heads and pronounces them husband and wife. The crowd erupts as soon as the newly wed couple steps outside.

Flower petals are tossed fist over fist as the newly weds make their way down the stairs and outside the church. Drinks flow freely, the band plays, and young and old alike dance and catch up with loved ones. As the party continues, Veronika and George steal away to Loyola University’s Chicago campus for a few quiet moments of their own.

Veronika catches George’s admiring gaze for perhaps the hundredth time that day. Veronika’s hair is pulled into an updo that showcases her natural beauty. Her dress is crisp white, classically elegant, and moves beautifully with the help of the breeze coming off Lake Michigan. Her warm smile is enough to remind George that he looks the part today too. His dark hair and black tux frame the warm brown eyes that Veronika loves so much. A few quiet moments and photos captured, the inseparable pair return to their guests. The live Croatian music, Greek dancing, and the most favorite of foods savored only on special occasions continues long into the night.


Reception Venue:Chateau Ritz//Beauty: CK Studio Salon//Beauty: Sandy Thinnes Makeup Artistry//Cake Designer:The Baking Institute//Transportation: Cloud 9 Limos//Floral Designer: Purple Rose Florist//Photographer: EV Photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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