Cassandra and John’s Exciting Elopement at Key West

Captured & submitted by Anna Holden Photo


Cass and John’s Key West elopement was one hell of a party! Their day was packed with excitement from celebrating with close friends and family, cheering with Don Julio shots, crying the happiest of tears, grabbing slices of pizza off Duval, to Birdie Bong making her appearance throughout the day! Read through their story, their elopement decision, the planning process, and their actual elopement day.

Cass and John’s love story started at a car dealership, but not how you might think! Here’s how Cass retold their story:

“We both met at work. He was in car sales and I was the receptionist that he flirted with. After some time, I made the first move and sent him a message on [Facebook] and our relationship took off from there. [As for the proposal], John and I went to Sarasota, Florida to surprise my dad for graduating Scuba School. Every time we go to Sarasota, we have to take a picture in front of “my statue”, the VJ Day kiss statue. This time was no different except after handing my phone over and turning around, John was on one knee.”

I met Cass and John at Pier House, a tropical oasis located at the end of Duval Street close to all the action. Cass spent the afternoon in their room being pampered by Key West Hair & Makeup like the Key West Disney princess that she was. Before heading towards the water for their first look, Cass and John shared a shot of Don Julio.

We planned a first look along the seawall of the Pier House. The vast ocean was the perfect backdrop for this moment. Once John turned to see Cass, the tears started falling and the happiness was overwhelming.

Heading to Smathers Beach for the ceremony, we grabbed a taxi and the driver played “Top 50 Wedding Songs” for the ride. We were only slowed by pantless biker riders and us being tourists capturing roosters walking down the sidewalk.

Cass and John got married by her brother underneath a leaning palm tree. The ceremony was filled with tons of laughs from her brother’s anecdotes about their relationship and a few tears. And just as envisioned, they took shots of tequila for their unity ceremony. After the ceremony, Cass and John had their first dance under the palm tree to Until I Found You by Stephen Sanchez.

Once we captured their portraits for golden hour, we headed to Duval Street to change outfits and grab some slices of pizza from Angelina’s Pizzeria. As we made our way to Sloppy Joes, their friends and family welcomed them back with cheering and the Birdie Bong – basically a beer bong in the shape of aa flamingo. As a last hoorah, I captured Cass and John with birdie and they were off to celebrate down Duval Street!


Photographer: Anna Holden Photo//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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