Leah and Dave’s Chic Engagement in Boston

Captured & submitted by Colton Simmons Photography


Leah and Dave’s Boston editorial-style engagement session captured their love against the backdrop of the city’s most charming locales: Back Bay, Boston Public Garden, and Beacon Hill. They started in the architecturally rich Back Bay, sharing laughs and tender moments amid the Victorian brownstones. The session then moved to the serene Boston Public Garden, where the lush scenery and iconic swan boats added a romantic flair. Finally, they wrapped up in Beacon Hill, its cobblestone streets and historic aura providing a perfect end to their stylish and intimate engagement shoot. Each location added its own narrative to their love story, beautifully framing Leah and Dave’s connection in anticipation of their upcoming wedding.


Other Location:Boston//Photographer: Colton Simmons Photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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