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Zoe and Henry’s Spring Engagement at Discovery Park in West Seattle

Captured & submitted by Jonathan Tung Photography


The pacific northwest is known for its stunning natural landscapes and greenery and the Seattle area is no different. Discovery Park in West Seattle is just 6 minutes from Downtown Seattle and you’d never think an area this close to a major metro could have this type of scenery.

With a patchy section of some beautiful high grass, I was unsure if this would work but Henry and Zoe are both over 6′ tall. The high grass accentuated the enviornment of the shoot and created foreground that takes you into a land where you’d think you can only get in a rural area. With full foliage trees in the background, it was the perfect spot for their engagement session.

With just a few steps over to another section of the park, we saw pine trees, a walking trail, and logs that created a very natural and organic feel to the enviornment. You’d never think this was the same park! This enviornment was perfect for Henry and Zoe as they have such good natural chemistry with each other. What’s next for them? their late summer/early fall wedding this year in Seattle. After this session, all 3 of us are more excited than ever for their big day.


Location: Discovery Park//Photographer: Jonathan Tung Photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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