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Whimsical and Romantic Neutral Boho Styled Shoot

Captured by Kaitlyn Yow Photography
Submitted by Carolina Crafts on Tap


With this neutral boho look we wanted to keep things minimal and highlight how with the right touches you can turn any wedding into something whimsical and romantic.

The decor added just enough to transport you from an ordinary building into something intimate. Wicker, pampas grass, wheat stalks. gold candlesticks, and ivory candles worked well together to showcase the neutral and be just as breathtaking as splashes of color.

With special touches of the grazing picnic table for the couple to take a moment together after the ceremony and enjoy before heading into a reception.

The mobile bar the served up Sparkling Lavender Lemonade, Camomille G&T, and a Red Berry Spritz with peonies that evoked the boho theme. There was also a picnic table with a punch bowl that others could gather around and catch up, giving a unique twist on the picnic trend.

The photographer, using natural light created a romantic soft feel to the photos. She was able to highlight every aspect of this beautiful setting from use of the brick walls, wooden doors, and high arches to further showcase the theme yet still make it feel intimate.


Caterer: The Gathering Picnic Company//Event Planner: A Lovely Occasion//Event Venue: The Providence Cotton Mill//Other: Carolina Crafts on Tap//Photographer: Kaitlyn Yow Photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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