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Winter Skiing Elopement Inspiration and Styled Shoot

Captured by Janice Power Photography
Submitted by Bouvardia Events


Winter Elopement Inspiration: Skiing in North Vancouver, BC

Have you ever imagined combining the thrill of skiing with the romance of a winter elopement? When I came across a photo of a couple on skis at their winter elopement, I knew I had to bring this unique idea to life. While most envision twinkling fairy lights and cozy faux fur shawls for a winter wedding, incorporating skiing calls for an adventurous, free-spirited couple ready to embrace the unexpected.

The Perfect Team for a Winter Adventure Elopement

To turn this vision into reality, I reached out to my former ski instructor. To my delight, she and her partner were excited to participate in this winter ski adventure photoshoot on the snowy slopes of Mt. Seymour in North Vancouver, BC.

Next, we assembled a talented team to ensure every detail was perfect. We brought on an experienced adventure photographer, a skilled makeup artist, and a creative florist to capture and enhance the magic of this unique elopement.

A Stunning Gown for the Ski Elopement

Finding the perfect outfit for the photoshoot was essential. My incredible model and ski instructor surprised us all with a beautiful gown she had received from her local buy-nothing group. This gown added a touch of elegance to our adventurous winter setting, perfectly complementing the snowy backdrop and ski gear.

On the day of the photoshoot, Mt. Seymour welcomed us with wind, rain, hail, and a little bit of sun. Despite the weather, this adventurous couple and our talented adventure photographer captured the most stunning photographs.

Our photoshoot on the hills of Mt. Seymour was nothing short of magical. The combination of fresh snow, stunning views, and the couple’s adventurous spirit created an unforgettable winter elopement experience.


Event Venue:Mount Seymour//Floral Designer: Boho Florals//Makeup Artist: Yes!Mona//Event Planner: Bouvardia Events//Photographer: Janice Power Photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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