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Risa and Devon’s Beautiful Fall Wedding in their Flower Farm

Captured & submitted by Fedora Media


Risa and Devon celebrated their love with a stunning fall wedding on their own flower farm, a day filled with personal touches and home-grown blooms. The vibrant flowers cultivated by the couple perfectly captured the beauty of the season, creating a picturesque and intimate setting. Their love was palpable, radiating through every photo and moment of the day.

The ceremony featured two charming “flower grannies,” who added a heartwarming and delightful touch as handed out flowers as they walked down the aisle. Risa, in her elegant gown, and Devon, in his tailored suit, exchanged vows at their home surrounded by family and friends.

Every detail reflected the couple’s unique bond and dedication. The reception was a joyous affair, with laughter and dancing.

Risa and Devon’s wedding was a true testament to their love, beautifully blending personal touches and the natural beauty of their flower farm, making their special day unforgettable.


Ceremony Location:Home in Erin//Transportation: Denny’s Bus Lines//DJ: inTUNE//Caterer: Me and Julio Inc.//Photographer: Fedora Media//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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