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Amanda and Riley’s Engagement at The War Memorial Auditorium in Nashville

Captured & submitted by Felisha Lees Photography


Meeting Amanda and Riley, it wasn’t just an introduction, it was a continuation of a story that seemed to have its beginnings in a past life. Their spirits, luminous and unwavering, cast a glow of love that was felt by all who entered their world. The connection I share with my couples is not just a professional one; it’s a sacred tie, weaving through the stories of their lives and mine. With Amanda and Riley, our paths felt intertwined, their vibrant love story a melody I was eager to capture.

The War Memorial Auditorium in Nashville provided more than just a picturesque backdrop; it was the essence of their current chapter, a place that held the echoes of their laughter and whispers of their dreams. Nashville wasn’t merely a background in their love story; it was a character, a witness to their blossoming narrative. We were greeted with an unexpected warmth, a sunny reprieve on an October day that promised clouds.

The magic of photography lies in its power to peel back the layers of a moment, to reveal the intimate dreams and silent whispers. As we explored the auditorium and the city’s charming streets, each photograph was a testament to their story. We delved into their autumn wedding plans in Bar Harbor, shared stories of their career aspirations, and the kindness that infused their every action. The photoshoot was a day spent with friends rather than clients. We talked about everything from the city’s best eateries to the quaintest spots for a good cup of coffee.


Event Venue:War Memorial//Photographer: Felisha Lees Photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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