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Kathleen and Anthony’s Black Tie Wedding at 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

Captured & submitted by WarmUp Lab Studio


In August 2020, we were 5 months into a global pandemic. Online dating was the only option and Kat liked a picture of Anthony with his family dog, Dan. They started chatting and Kat agreed to a ‘virtual coffee chat’ because she was in Ohio visiting family and Anthony in NYC. Anthony offered to meet “anytime before 10!” on a Tuesday morning…reluctantly, Kat chose 9am (because who chooses a 30 min date?!). With some coffee and Bailey’s in her cup and Poppy by her side, she turned on the Zoom “meeting.” Anthony was there with a big smile, dressed for work in his button-down shirt, sans suite jacket, so as not to look too professional ;). The conversation flowed naturally; he asked who Poppy was, there were lots of smiles and laughs and promptly at 9:29am Anthony says, “I have a hard stop at 9:30 for a client call.” And just like that, the date was over. Kat hung up, confused and frustrated at the ending. Anthony hung up, excited and happy about the conversation, enamored with Kat, he couldn’t believe he met such an amazing woman :).

Once Kat was back in NYC, they agreed to a walk in Central Park. They met at the Columbus Circle entrance, walked, talked, and laughed. The walk turned into dinner, where Anthony reluctantly told Kat that the next day was his birthday. “What, I’m on a date with another Virgo?!” Kat said to herself…then sneakily asked the server to bring over a dessert with a candle. Anthony put Kat into an Uber and asked to hang out again.

The next few months included lots of fun dates; Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years in NYC (just the two of them, thanks to COVID), a trip to Aruba, California, Ohio, upstate NY and a move from Manhattan to Brooklyn. And in May of 2022, under lemon groves in Capri, Anthony proposed.

And as they say, the rest is history…

Why we chose the venue and styles: The 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge is an exceptional locale for a wedding (as well as being in our neighborhood) that overlooks the NYC skyline. We wanted to immerse our guests in as much of NYC as we could in one incredible night. Majority of our family and guests were from out of town, so to them this was essentially a destination wedding. Further, the hotel aligns with our preferred esthetics of industrial chic while promoting sustainability, healthy lifestyle, and earthy tones. The offered cuisines were also a major factor, curated with uniqueness and innovation. The dress was black tie to promote dapperness and elegance while matching the energy, vibes, and excitement of an NYC evening.


Event Planner: Modern Rebel & Co.//Band: Silver Arrow Band//Reception Venue: 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge//Photographer: WarmUp Lab Studio//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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