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Allie and Tye’s Playful Rehearsal Dinner at a Bowling Alley

Captured & submitted by Amber Ridge Productions


For Allie and Tye, the journey to their wedding day took them back to Allie’s roots in Jackson, Tennessee. Although the Atlanta-based couple could have hosted their weddings anywhere, they chose to honor Allie’s family heritage by celebrating in her hometown, surrounded by loving relatives and lifelong friends. As the rehearsal dinner approached, they put a unique spin on tradition by holding the event at a local bowling alley with special meaning for them.

The alley was transformed into a whimsical wonderland, filled with twinkling lights and personalized touches reflecting the couple’s fun-loving spirits. With bowling shoes laced up, the night became a delightful fusion of cherished tradition and lighthearted competition. Allie and Tye took turns on the lanes as loved ones cheered, and laughter echoed through the venue amidst shared anecdotes and memorable moments. As the revelry continued with heartfelt toasts, the bowling alley setting perfectly encapsulated the couple’s playful bond. It provided an unforgettable prelude to their highly anticipated wedding day – a celebration uniting their lives and families in an outpouring of enduring love.


Rehearsal Dinner Venue: Hub City Brewing//Cinema and Video: Amber Ridge Productions//Photographer: Amber Ridge Productions//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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