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Sarah and Richard’s Korean-American Wedding at the Pink Palace Museum

Captured & submitted by Amber Ridge Productions


For Sarah and Richard, the Pink Palace Museum in Memphis hosted a truly unique wedding celebration. Richard and Sarah tied the knot in a ceremony that beautifully blended Korean traditions with classic Southern style. The bride, Sarah, grew up in Memphis but her family’s Korean heritage was ever-present throughout the joyful festivities.

At the reception, guests were treated to a delicious East-meets-West culinary spread. Tables offered a tempting selection of classic Memphis BBQ alongside favorite Korean dishes like bulgogi and japchae. The dance floor then opened up to a band fronted by the groom’s brother. They invited the bride and groom on stage to sing their hearts out. Richard and Sarah’s big day honored both their backgrounds in an incredibly meaningful and joyful way.


Floral Designer: LYNN DOYLE FLOWERS & EVENTS//Museum: Pink Palace Museum//Cinema and Video: Amber Ridge Productions//Photographer: Amber Ridge Productions//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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