Jordan and Edgar’s Mainstreet and Mountain Engagement in Telluride

Captured & submitted by Palma Caruso Photography


As a Telluride Wedding and Engagement Photographer, i had the greatest honor of photographing Edgar and Jordans Engagement in Telluride. Edgar and Jordan meet while they were on a ski trip in Colorado. They fell in love instantly. They both lived in different states and flew back and forth to make long distance work. They now live together with their beautiful dog. They planned another ski trip for their one year anniversary in Telluride Colorado.

Jordan is a night NICU nurse so timing of the engagement was later in the day than expected. As they approached mainstreet, Edgar asked a “random” stranger if they could take their mainstreet photo. Little did Jordan know, the random stranger would be their engagement photographer. As we pretended to have them take a photo touching the tip of the mountain, Edgar got down on one knee and asked the easiest and most important question of his life. Jordan was in shock! Ultimately she said Yes!

After a few moments, I introduced myself to Jordan. We walked towards our next location as we discussed Edgars sneaky planning. I always like to leave my clients with little tokens and memories. They received mugs and Champagne to celebrate the moment. The gondola ride left them with some spectacular views as we headed to one of my favorite spots on the Telluride Ski Resort looking towards the view of Palmyra Peak.

When love is true, and you are yourself, photos will be the easiest to shoot. Theres no forceful smiles, or awkward poses.


Photographer: Palma Caruso Photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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