Elsie and Kolby’s Elopement on a Yacht at Jupiter Lighthouse

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Elsie and Kolby’s Jupiter lighthouse elopement was everything that a yacht elopement should be. The entire day was brimming with excitement from celebrating with close friends and family, shucking oysters on the back deck, popping champagne on the lower deck, enjoying the coastal waterways of Jupiter, taking shots in their shotski, and throwing casts from the back of a luxury yacht! Read through their story, their elopement decision, the planning process, and their actual elopement day.

Their Story

Ice cream is my vice especiallyyy an Oreo blizzard from Dairy Queen. It literally calls my name on long road trips. So when Elsie and Kolby told me they first met when working at Dairy Queen, I secretly hoped they would have an ice cream cake at their elopement (spoiler alert – they did). Here’s how Elsie retold their love story:

“We first met as coworkers at Diary Queen, which was our first job in high school. I trained Kolby in soft serve and I remember telling another coworker how cute he was when I first saw him. He told me that he remembers me entering into work one day as he was waiting to go inside for his interview and immediately knew he wanted to talk to me. Since day one, we hung out together every day. My mom was pretty strict so she didn’t like when I worked late shifts, but I would stay out a little later just to hang out with Kolby.

Just a couple months after I graduated high school, my parents allowed Kolby to move in with us. We lived together for about three years before taking a break. We got back together in May 2021 and realized how much we miss being together, how much we can relate, have the same interests, and there’s never is a dull moment.

He proposed to me on February 2022. I was sick at that time and I was feeling a little down so we came back home from eating at our favorite Mexican restaurant and surprised me with the ring!”

I’m such a sucker for high school sweet heart stories like theirs. Being able to grow through different stages of life with your partner feels like such a testament for a strong marriage and I’m here for those strong foundation vibes.

The Planning

In their planning questionnaire, E+K said that one of their favorite things to do together is fishing on a boat. Their instagram feeds are filled with all their fishing adventures so it only made sense to have their elopement on a boat and try and it was my mission to find a boat that would allow them to fish at least part of the time.

Elsie + Kolby’s elopement vision was simple. They wanted to relax and hang out with their family. She envisioned the day unfolding like a day of fishing – waking up early, heading to the docks, and cruising to the jetty – but with a little luxury. Since they both really love oysters, they wanted to include some oyster shucking while they soaked in the sun and views.

My favorite part about E+K’s elopement day was how everything came together. Even if there was a hiccup (like not being able to get the oysters beforehand or their ice cream cake melting before they could cut it), someone always came through for them to make it happen for them and E+K just rolling with the punches.

Their Elopement Day

I met Elsie and Kolby at their AirBnB in the early morning hours. As I stepped up to the front door, there was a SpaceX rocket being launched and felt like that was good luck for the day. Once I entered their AirBnB, Elsie was getting ready in the living room. With an energy drink in hand, she told me she wasn’t able to sleep and had been up since 3 am.

Once Elsie was ready, we drove to the marina to have their first look before first light. As we headed to the docks, Elsie and I jammed out to some Limp Bizkit as the first loop anticipation was building. As we stepped out onto the docks, the early morning glow was starting to grow stronger and Kolby and Elsie had their first look.

For their ceremony, Elsie and Kolby wanted the Jupiter Lighthouse as their backdrop. As the sun began to rise, we headed towards the lighthouse and arrived in perfect time for E+K to exchange vows.

After they tied the knot (literally), we cruised around the Indian River Lagoon, ate oysters, fished off the back of the boat, took shots, and enjoyed the amazing April weather. As we headed back to the docks, E+K cut the ice cream cake…a nod to how they first met.


Photographer: Anna Holden Photo//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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