Barbara and Zach’s Elegant and Intimate Wedding at Willows Lodge in Washington

Captured & submitted by Jonathan Tung Photography


Willows Lodge was the perfect space for Zach and Barbara to tie the knot. Zach and Barbara wanted a space that felt true and authentic to them, and that was somewhere that was cozy, warm, and intimate. Willows Lodge gave them exactly that; where they tied the knot in front of Zach’s family. Several of Barbara’s family live conferenced in all the way from Brazil. The Lodge was a space that had a beautiful outdoor courtyard filled with luscious green landscape and natural wood elements.

Zach and Barbara met on a dating app, but their love story did not begin with the ordinary “we met online” dating story. They met in April 2020 and were facing struggles from the COVID-19 pandemic and were forced into social isolation. Tinder allowed couples to set their location anywhere in the world free of charge. Zach decided to set his to Brazil as he had some friends who traveled to Brazil the previous year and had a positive experience. Zach initially set his location to Rio de Janeiro, while Barbara had hers set to south of Brazil, over 600 miles away. To this day, it is unknown how they matched locations, but they are very grateful that they were matched.

They communicated each day, but weren’t proficient in each other’s languages. One day, Zach decided to meet Barbara in person so he bought tickets to Brazil for August 2020. Unfortunately, Barbara’s father had an accident and passed away that same month, so their trip was delayed until October 2020, when they first met in Brazil. Although originally planned for a 2 week trip, Zach delayed his return to further cultive the love he and Barbara had.

Barbara wanted to visit Zach in the United States, but due to via issues and the pandemic, the American consulate in Brazil had long wait times, so there was a long process before Barbara was able to get a visa interview. After several attempts, which were faced with rejection each time, Zach decided to go to Brazil to meet Barbara, where they traveled together, with Brazil as their “home base”.

In 2023, Zach and Barbara discussed their future together and mutually decided they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. They applied for the fiance visa and before even receiving approval, Zach suprised Barbara with a beautiful marriage proposal consisting of a hotel in Rio De Janeiro, bouquet of flowers, and printed photos of them togheter. In January of 2024, they finally received approval from the American consulate in Brazil. They came to the states in April 2024 and tied the knot on June 1, 2024.

As I was capturing Zach and Barbara’s special day, I realized Zach translated English to Portugese perfectly for Barbara. Zach doesn’t have a background speaking Portugese, he actually learned and became fluent in Portugese for Barbara. Although Zach and Barbara finally overcame their geographical, cultural, and language barriers and finally were able to tie the knot, their love story is not over; it will only continue to evolve.


Ceremony Location: Willows Lodge//Photographer: Jonathan Tung Photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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