Gwen and Kirk’s Elegant and Romantic Wedding at Historic Rosemont Springs

Captured & submitted by TLIC Media


It was the night of March 6, 2020. The night before Gwen’s 24th birthday and the very start to the pandemic (but before there were any real bans!). Gwen was planning on going out with her college friend Gabby to celebrate. Gabby, knowing Gwen was single and ready to mingle, slyly asked her if she wanted to meet some of her fellow RPA pilots in training an the Officer’s Club on base (one of the cringiest places to meet) before going out that night. Gwen agreed, and sat right next to Kirk that fateful night. Now, Gwen and Kirk did not talk that much, but Gwen did note he was very handsome. Kirk, as he was leaving joyfully shouted “Hey guys, I’m going to make like a baby and head out”, then cackled and left. The joke took a second to hit Gwen, but when it did, it made her chuckle the rest of the night.

When Gabby asked a couple days later if Gwen thought anyone was attractive at the O Club, Gwen took the opportunity and said, “That guy that said the baby joke was pretty funny “. Gabby, the best matchmaker in the world, brought Gwen to one of Kirk’s house parties after talking each other up to the other person. During that night Kirk was blown away by Gwen’s humor, beauty, and Mario Kart skills. Kirk & Gwen started dating in the middle of the pandemic which was challenging as Gwen was a COVID nurse at the time and Kirk was in the middle of training. While the other one was working, Kirk and Gwen would often create riddles and scavenger hunts for each other to solve due to their busy schedules or go on creative dates due to the lack of open date spots. Fun Fact: it took a year for Kirk and Gwen to have a dinner date at a restaurant! In November of 2020, Kirk left San Antonio to continue training and they began dating long distance until October 2022 when Gwen moved to Las Vegas to be with Kirk. They’ve only fallen in love more since.


Location: Historic Rosemont Springs//Photographer: TLIC Media//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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