Rob & Kiera (photo by Rob Jinks)

Kiera and Jake: Bright, Light, and Heartfelt!

Photos by Rob Jinks


Q: How did you two first meet, and how did your relationship develop over time?

A: We have known each other since we were kids (born ten days apart!) as our moms were best friends from high school. Although we didn’t grow up in the same state, we became close friends when we were younger and eventually started dating after college. At first, we were long-distance and took many trips across the country from NYC to San Francisco for three years until we finally found a place where we could both work, Cleveland, Ohio.

Q: What was transitioning from a long-distance relationship to living together like? 

A: We lived in Cleveland together for a few years before moving to the DC area for work. I think we always knew we’d eventually get married, but we were so excited to be living in the same place that getting married wasn’t the biggest rush for us. We took our time, and after seven years together, Jake popped the question while we were on a walk along the Anacostia River with our dog Cado.


Q: Can you describe the overall theme and vibe of your wedding?

A: We had our attire be “garden casual,” and I think that sums up our theme. Very relaxed, fun colors and florals, and nothing too fancy. We wanted our guests to feel relaxed and like they were at one of our many hosted nights at our home.

Q: What inspired you to pick that theme?

A: We love the outdoors and being near nature, which is why we chose the location and felt that garden vibes really fit our personalities.


Q: Did you have a specific color scheme or palette for your wedding?

A: We chose not to have a wedding party so we had no set colors, but if we were to pick something, we’d say bright summer colors! We thrifted all of our vases and picked out all different-color glasses to fully live up to the garden party. Our flowers came from Kiera’s parents’ local farm in Upstate New York, so they picked what was in season at the time, and we made up all the vases with the help of our families the day before!


Q: Tell us about your wedding dress and the experience of finding it.

A: My dress color was called “oatmeal,” so it was more tan and ivory than pure white. It had tiers of tulle, a sequined floral motif, and a strapless corset top. My mom came down to DC to visit, and she and I just went to Anthropologie one morning, and we picked it out together. It was a very relaxing experience as I loved my dress, but it wasn’t my top priority for the wedding, so it took the pressure off. I had picked out a few dresses in advance, but this dress actually wasn’t one of them and caught us by surprise. We both knew it was the one by the look my mom and I gave each other.


Q: What was your favorite detail or moment from your wedding day?

A: The ceremony was really special to us and our guests. We pieced together the script ourselves, and one of our best friends officiated the ceremony. We gave our four sisters the opportunity to speak and share a story about us throughout that really brought the ceremony together. It was so touching for us to hear their words, and they added a unique touch to the day.


Q: How did your first dance go, and what song did you choose?

A: Our attempt at ballroom dancing for a few moments was followed by a fun dance break in between, with sunglasses as the prop. The song was “Back Home” by Andy Grammer, and we felt it perfectly described our story.


Q: Which local vendors helped make your wedding day special?


  • Photography: Rob Jinks
  • Day-of Coordinator: Weddings by Kristy
  • Music and Lighting: DJ Maskell
  • Ice Cream Truck: Scoops2U instead of cake
  • Furniture: APM Weddings for our farm style tables and green wall
  • Hair: Dry Bar Old Town for my hair, and they also did our moms’ and sisters’ hair
  • Catering: Great Blue Heron Catering affiliated with the venue


Q: What advice would you give to other brides planning their wedding?

A: Don’t feel pressure to stick to the traditions. Instead, make the day about you and your partner rather than trying to check off all of the wedding norms. The day goes by so fast, so cherishing the quiet moments you have with your partner is some of the most special. Really try your best to stay in the moment!


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