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Wedding Dress Codes: Letting Your Guests Know What to Wear

by Lisa Beth Miller When planning an event as important as your wedding, it is so important to be clear with your guests about what they should wear. Your event should capture your vision, and this must be communicated to your friends and family from the start. Black tie is usually meant for formal evening weddings. This means that you expect the gentlemen to wear tuxedos and ladies to don a cocktail dress or long gown. A formal wedding means that men do not have to wear tuxes, but they could choose this option. A dark-colored suit and tie would also be acceptable, though. For a formal wedding, ladies should wear a long gown, a cocktail-length formal dress, or a nice suit. If you are having a beach formal wedding, it means your event will be outdoors, literally on the …

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Wedding Gown Shopping 101

by Lisa Beth Miller Guess what, engaged fashionistas? A year before your wedding is the best time to start shopping for your gown. It takes about six to nine months for a wedding gown to arrive once ordered, plus you need to allow ample time for alterations! Quality designer wedding gowns are not shipped from a warehouse, they are cut by the designer upon receiving the bride’s order. With this in mind, a smart bride will plan her wedding gown shopping well in advance. When you arrive to your first bridal gown shopping appointment, be open-minded and don’t be afraid to try on different styles! If you feel overwhelmed by your choices, ask for help in selecting a variety of styles. This will help you to limit your choices (for example, you may discover that a ball gown makes you …

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Tips for Drama-Free Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

by Lisa Beth Miller Your bridesmaids are your closest friends and family members, right?  Then you need to be sure that being your bridesmaid is a happy experience! Every bride has a dream for her big day, but there are definitely ways to make your vision and your bridesmaids’ comfort level combine flawlessly! Step 1: The color should be the bride’s choice. The hue selected for the dresses will set the tone for flowers, groom accessories, invitations, table linens, and the cake. Most girls can wear a flattering shade of most colors and look completely presentable. Neutrals and medium tones are easiest to wear, but pastels are workable in summer months for most complexions. Step 2: Dress length should be based on the formality of the event and the bride’s preferences. Step 3: Dress style is the area where the bride should work with her bridesmaids. If there …

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