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Exclusive Advertising Offer for Wedding Venues

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Provided by Brides & Weddings Magazine Are you the owner or manager of a picturesque wedding venue? Showcase your venue with Brides & Weddings Magazine and and reach couples looking for the perfect place to say “I do.” Sign up for a visibility package and receive your choice of a FREE SEO review, an exclusive email blast to more than 5,000 brides, or an online sponsored story, each valued at $500! Limited-Time Offer: Act Now! This exclusive offer is available for a limited time. Take advantage of the opportunity to make your mark in the world of weddings. If you are a wedding venue ready to attract couples, is your platform to shine! How to Redeem Make your wedding memories unforgettable and help others create their dream weddings. Join today! For inquiries and to get started: Contact us at, or Book a …

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Simply Jia, LLC: Wedding Styling

By Janet Cass | Sponsored by Simply Jia, LLC “I encourage people to consider styling for all aspects of the wedding,” so that the entire wedding journey, from engagement photo shoot to bachelor/bachelorette party to the marriage ceremony, whether intimate elopement or larger, and any other component such as clothing for family members and the wedding party, tells a visually cohesive story. Decisions, decisions So says Jia Zheng, of Simply Jia, LLC. She understands firsthand the myriad details and decisions people face when planning a wedding because she took the lead in planning her own, with support from a venue-mandated wedding coordinator. Her tactful guidance for people navigating their journey to the start of married life is a natural extension of her personal-style coaching service, Simply Jia, LLC. When clients of that service began asking Jia for advice about their …

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Ten Beautiful and Unique Wedding Gift Ideas for the Modern Couple


Provided by Grace Loves Lace Are you looking to spoil your newlywed friends on their special day? Finding the perfect gift for these lovebirds can be a daunting task! Whether you’d like to give them something unique and personalized or respect a set budget, go for a gift that reflects their identity and your friendship. If you were not provided with a gift registry, here are tips on how to find beautiful and unique wedding gift ideas for the modern couple. 1. Spoil your newlyweds with personalized artwork For a timeless and unique gift, consider capturing the newlyweds’ love with a custom couple portrait! It’ll be a beautiful addition to their home and will bring a smile to their faces every time they see it. You should start by choosing an artwork theme that reflects the couple’s personality and relationship. …

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Cheers! Selecting Champagne for Your Wedding

By Lisa Beth Miller The champagne toast is a traditional part of most wedding receptions. It is a time to honor the newly married couple and celebrate their official union with an elegant and luxurious bit of the bubbly. But do you truly understand how to select a champagne for the toast? Here are some basics. There are four basic types of champagne. NV means the champagne is a nonvintage and is blended from several vineyards and harvests. For a champagne to be considered vintage, at least 80% of the grapes in the blend must have been harvested in the same season at a single vineyard. Rosè means that the champagne blend contains a bit of red wine or macerated red grape skins, giving it a pink color. Blanc de blancs are champagnes made only from chardonnay grapes, giving it a light and …

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Wedding Reception Entertainment: Band or DJ?

By Lisa Beth Miller A wedding reception is meant to create an atmosphere that reflects the personality of the newly married couple. It is their first party and should obviously be memorable. Selecting the entertainment can be a bit tricky, as music is very personal to most members of the wedding party and guests. A song that is meaningful to the best man may not impress Grandma. The decision that most couples spend the most time contemplating is whether to hire a DJ or a live band at the reception. A DJ can be a great choice for several reasons. In most cases, a DJ will be more affordable than a live band and can work in small spaces without too much equipment. A DJ often appeals to a great variety of guests because they have recognizable versions of most …

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Take 1! Organizing Your Wedding Rehearsal Effectively

By Lisa Beth Miller We all know that couples need to plan a rehearsal prior to the wedding. In most instances, a wedding planner or officiant usually guides everyone through this process, but couples should still be very aware of what should be accomplished at this wedding practice session! Start by lining up the wedding party as they will be during the ceremony. This will give everyone an immediate visual of their exact position during the ceremony. In most ceremonies, the bride stands on the left facing the altar, groom on the right, though it’s reversed for Jewish ceremonies. The bridesmaids and groomsmen stand on the respective sides facing the guests. Parents sit directly behind their respective children. Briefly run through the order of events of the ceremony. Depending on your religious affiliation, there will be different events within the …

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A Pretty Path of Petals

By Lisa Beth Miller One of the most beautiful and natural ways to add color and drama to a wedding ceremony is to incorporate a flower petal aisle runner. Although most churches have a clearly defined center aisle for the bride’s traditional entrance, other locations may lack this structured path. Fabric runners, usually in white or ivory, were the norm for many decades, but creative brides and planners have upped the ante in recent years. Runners are no longer limited to simple fabric edged with flower petals or candles. The option to create an artistic statement with colorful flower petals is now trendy for all types of weddings: from bohemian to traditional. How to make this beautiful idea a reality? If your wedding is planned for outdoors, make sure it is not during a windy season! Also check with your …

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Wedding Gown Alterations: Some Helpful Tips

By Lisa Beth Miller When selecting a wedding gown, it is important to accept the fact that in most cases, alterations will be an absolute requirement! Many brides become frustrated because they believe that because they are measured for a gown, it will be cut to their exact body proportions. This is not the case at all. A bridal consultant is simply gathering data (bust measurement, waist measurement, hip measurement, height) to determine which standard size will fit the bride best. An experienced consultant will explain this process and will point out in advance where adjustments will be needed. For example, perhaps a bride’s hip measurement requires her to order a size 8 in her wedding gown, but her bust measurement falls into the size 6 range, the consultant should mention to the bride that side/bust alterations will be required …

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Incorporating Your Mother’s Wedding Gown into Your Day

By Lisa Beth Miller Moms play a critical role in the preparations for most weddings. Some brides decide to honor their mothers by actually wearing her gown. Others decide that this isn’t the best fashion decision, but still want to pay tribute to the family history contained within the fabric of Mom’s vintage gown. So how else can you incorporate the gown, other than by wearing it? One idea is to obtain a small piece of the gown to wrap around the flower stems in the bridal bouquet. This way, a small piece of Mom’s wedding is with the bride throughout the entire ceremony. For an inspiring extra-sentimental touch, a small wedding picture that features the gown may be attached. If your Mom’s or in-law’s wedding gown was beautiful and ornate, but just not right for you in terms of …

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Library Love: Allowing Your Love of Books to Inspire Your Wedding Style

By Lisa Beth Miller OK, I admit it. Ever since I was little, I have been obsessed with books and libraries… oh, and also weddings! So when I saw the first Sex And The City movie, I was super-excited when Carrie brilliantly decided to host her wedding at the New York Public Library! Though this movie came out years ago, the library wedding concept has quietly been gaining momentum. Here are some fun ideas to help you to develop this trendy and intellectual theme. Maybe booking an actual library as your venue is not an option. That’s OK- just do some (or all) of your engagement pictures surrounded by books! A classic library setting is ideal, but any type of bookshelf background can be just as effective. Have you seen library date-card inspired save the dates? For those who do not …

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Entertaining the Littles at Your Wedding

By Lisa Beth Miller The decision of whether or not to include children in your wedding celebration is a very personal one. Many couples choose to exclude them altogether, while others invite children without actually considering their needs. This mistake can lead to situations where both parents and children become cranky, not exactly the ideal atmosphere for a day of celebrating! If you do decide to include children in the festivities, be sure to cater to their needs. Couples can hire an on-site nanny to keep the children occupied, or they can leave it to the parents to care for the children. In any event, the bride and groom can make the job a bit easier by considering a few fun ideas. Provide kid-friendly foods and drinks. While you may be super-excited about the mini-crab cakes at cocktail hour, a …

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Managing Your Littles’ Behavior at a Wedding

Kid Care Anywhere

By Lisa Beth Miller Perhaps one of the most iconic wedding photographs ever is one of the then-Duchess of Cambridge tending to the children in her sister Pippa’s wedding party. Although some of the children are from royal families and are participating in a highly publicized event, they are still easily distracted tots. So what exactly is appropriate to expect from children who are attending or participating in a wedding? Perfect behavior is simply not a realistic goal. Parents should start early to prepare their children for a wedding if they expect a reasonable level of decorum. They should explain to young children (under 8) what exactly they are about to see and hear. Parents should note that talking during the ceremony will not be a good idea, but assure their little ones that there will be LOTS of talking …

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