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Common Misconceptions About Wedding Photography

rob jinks, photographer

By Rob Jinks Having captured over 100 weddings at this point, it is easy for me to go into a wedding and know the best way to capture it all with images that will last a lifetime. However, I know that it can be scary for the couple; this is probably the first time you’ve done this! It is understandable that you don’t know what your wedding photography experience will be like. Even if you’ve been to other weddings, it is easy to have a few incorrect ideas about your wedding photography. Today I want to answer the five most common misconceptions about wedding photography that I have encountered. “12:00 or 1:00 p. m. is best for our ceremony because there will be the most light.” Even if you aren’t very familiar with photography, you probably know that photos need …

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Your Wedding Planning Timeline Part 1: A Helpful Guide

by Lisa Beth Miller Newly engaged? Congratulations! You are going to be a busy woman for the next several months, so take a deep breath and get ready to get organized! Soon after you get engaged, you will need to start a wedding notebook or folder. Create a system for organizing your notes, contacts, and ideas in one place!  You could include sections on catering, music, gowns, etc. At this point, you also need to establish what your budget will be and what type of event you will be planning. For example, will your wedding be formal or informal, indoors or outdoors, large or small? Is there a special theme you’d like to incorporate? Will the event be held during the day or in the evening? In your hometown or at a far-away location? Now is the time to really brainstorm and create a plan for your …

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Keeping Guests Cool at Summer Weddings

by Lisa Beth Miller Summer is a perfect season for weddings thanks to its sunny days and warm evenings. While sunshine and cloudless skies lead to some amazing wedding photos, it is important to keep your guests’ comfort in mind if your festivities are outdoors! Overheated, sunburned, dehydrated guests are not happy guests! Here are some fun ideas to keep your crew cool and comfy. Sunglasses as favors can be a fun, personalized touch. These could also provide some cute photo ops! Parasols are also a trendy idea for shading guests from the bright sun. Cool cocktails are a welcome treat on a warm day! Offer a light and refreshing signature cocktail to keep everyone happily hydrated. An ice cream truck will keep children (and adults) entertained in summer months. This could be a nostalgic surprise for guests after the …

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What You Should Really Ask Your Photographer

Rob Jinks Photography

By Rob Jinks Finding the right photographer isn’t always the easiest part of your wedding planning. Having photographed over 100+ weddings over the past six years, I can confidently say that I have been asked every question in the book. Today I want to share with you questions to ask your photographer to help you find out if they are the perfect choice to capture your day. Questions Before You Start #1: Find out what photo style you like best before you contact a photographer Take a few minutes to Google photographers in your area, or use wedding repositories like Wedding Wire or The Knot to get a quick view of the different types of photo styles that exist. Some photographers edit their photos to be very warm, others very bright, and others colorful and contrasty. Some photographers shoot in a very posed manner, others in a …

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Should I Buy a Wedding Album?

By Rob Jinks A few years ago around Christmastime, my grandmother brought out the album of photos from her wedding in 1958. This album had rounded corners, gold page decoration, and thick pages inlaid with photos. It wasn’t your typical modern wedding album. Today’s albums offer a huge range of options, namely full page printing without a gutter between pages, and clean flat spreads no matter where you open the book. I love being able to see a crisp client album, sometimes up to 24 inches wide, and see a beautiful image in a way that no computer monitor or tiny phone screen can display. But what I loved about my grandmother’s wedding album and what I love about the albums I am able to provide to my clients are the stories. My grandmother didn’t just show me photos – she used them as an opportunity …

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Your Wedding Photography Timeline

By Rob Jinks There is nothing better than looking back on photos full of stories, emotion, and memories from your wedding day. However, without a proper understanding of how photography interacts with your wedding timeline, you risk running behind in your schedule, leaving your guests unattended, and missing out on the photos you want most. Today I want to give you tips for planning your wedding timeline in a way that will maximize your photography and help get you the images you want most. Plan more time than you think you need. Many weddings have some aspect of their day take longer than expected. Plan extra time in your schedule and know that things might take a little longer than you thought. Plan extra time for travel, for hair and makeup, for extra portraits with the best light of the day. Give yourself buffers throughout the day to …

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Planning Your Wedding Budget: Flowers

by Lisa Beth Miller When planning your wedding, it would be difficult to avoid spending a large sum on flowers, as they are woven into many aspects of the celebration. Flowers and decor traditionally take up around 15% of the wedding budget. This, of course, is flexible, depending upon how much the couple chooses to utilize flowers! Here are a few ideas to consider as your budget: Bridal bouquets and toss bouquets are fairly traditional and necessary. Brides who love flowers can go all out with an extravagant bouquet, while minimalists can certainly keep it simple! Brides could even opt to use the “real bouquet” as the toss bouquet to save a few dollars. Just keep in mind that the bride’s bouquet is one of the most photographed floral arrangements of the day! Don’t skimp too much! Bridesmaids’ bouquets are …

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The Truth About Wedding Gown Sizes

by Lisa Beth Miller Ok…so you have finally found your dream wedding gown. Your sales consultant at the bridal boutique is all ready to measure you and order the fabulous frock you have selected. You are expertly measured and ready to order. Everything seems to be going smoothly until she whips out the designer’s size chart and informs you which size should be ordered. Many brides are shocked to learn that the wedding gown size recommended is a bit larger than the size they would normally purchase when shopping at the mall. This humbling experience is very commonplace. As your official wedding diva, I am going to give you the real scoop on this scenario. Bridal designers are not using the same “vanity” size charts as your favorite department store and mall shop designers! Wedding gown designers are traditionalists in …

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What A Father Of The Bride Or Groom Should Wear To The Wedding

Photo by Sikora Photography

by Lisa Beth Miller This week, I was approached with a question that I thought was important enough to be addressed: What exactly should a dad wear to the wedding of his son or daughter? Seems simple enough to tell dads to dress up, but should they match the actual wedding party? No! Dads are not to be dressed exactly like the groomsmen, as they are not technically members of the wedding party. The key here is to dress dads in keeping with the appropriate level of formality for the event. So if the groomsmen are in black tuxedos with green accessories, dads should wear tuxedos, but not the same one and not with the exact same accessories as the groomsmen. The dads are also not required to match each other. So using the previous scenario (black tuxes and green vests and ties for the groomsmen), perhaps the …

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