Your Wedding Planning Timeline Part 1: A Helpful Guide

by Lisa Beth Miller Newly engaged? Congratulations! You are going to be a busy woman for the next several months, so take a deep breath and get ready to get organized! Soon after you get engaged, you will need to start a wedding notebook or folder. Create a system for organizing your notes, contacts, and ideas in one place!  You could include sections on catering, music, gowns, etc. At this point, you also need to establish what your budget will be and what type of event you will be planning. For example, will your wedding be formal or informal, indoors or outdoors, large or small? Is there a special theme you’d like to incorporate? Will the event be held during the day or in the evening? In your hometown or at a far-away location? Now is the time to really brainstorm and create a plan for your …

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Keeping Guests Cool at Summer Weddings

by Lisa Beth Miller Summer is a perfect season for weddings thanks to its sunny days and warm evenings. While sunshine and cloudless skies lead to some amazing wedding photos, it is important to keep your guests’ comfort in mind if your festivities are outdoors! Overheated, sunburned, dehydrated guests are not happy guests! Here are some fun ideas to keep your crew cool and comfy. Sunglasses as favors can be a fun, personalized touch. These could also provide some cute photo ops! Parasols are also a trendy idea for shading guests from the bright sun. Cool cocktails are a welcome treat on a warm day! Offer a light and refreshing signature cocktail to keep everyone happily hydrated. An ice cream truck will keep children (and adults) entertained in summer months. This could be a nostalgic surprise for guests after the …

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