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3 Micro Wedding Details You Can’t Overlook

By Rebecca Jones Yes, you can have a beautiful and meaningful wedding this year! 2020 cannot take away your celebration of love. In fact, 2020 couples have embraced the new concept of the micro wedding.  For those couples who decide to get married this year, micro weddings have become increasingly popular. Micro weddings are smaller in size, usually with a guest count that’s in line with local guidelines. Although your wedding has shrunk in the number of guests, it doesn’t mean you have to skimp on the opulence or details. In fact, a micro wedding can be your dream wedding. Go for Fine Dining A large majority of the wedding budget is traditionally spent on catering. But with a smaller wedding and a smaller guest list, your budget has opened up considerably. With that freedom, consider offering more of a …

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Elegant and enchanted night for two: Javetta & Troy

Story by Couture Events, LLC Photos by Creative Images Photography Reunited and it feels so good! These two can say that fate and destiny have been bringing them together for the past 20 years.  Troy and Javetta met through a mutual friend 20 years ago through passing and never thought they would ever meet again until 6 months later they would cross each other paths.  Being young the two dated for 1 year and then they decided to go their separate ways but remained friends for over 10 years.  Through a difficult for Javetta with the passing of her great aunt, Troy contacted Javetta to give his condolences and the two have been together ever since. Javetta & Troy have maintained a friendship for the past 20 years that make their union more of a blessing to be with the …

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May the Fourth be with you vineyard wedding: Ryan & Cody

Story and photos by Have Heart Photography “I love You, I know” Ryan and Cody’s unique ‘May 4th’ ( Be with you) was not your average Cape May wedding! Apart from both their fun-loving and laid back personalities, Husband to-be-, Cody arranged some pretty amazing surprises for his bride, Ryan. This Cape May native family really knew how to celebrate their marriage, their way. Before the couple married at the gorgeous Star of the Sea in Cape May, they privately got ready at separate locations in Cape May. Cody wore a light grey suit with a dark grey vest brown shoes and a navy bow tie and Ryan went to Free Love Bridal in West Cape May, for her dress and bridesmaids attire. Opting to skip the first look, we met the couple at the church for their ceremony. After …

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Industrial wedding inspiration: Jessica & Jayden

Story and photos by Lavan Photography – How and when did you meet Jayden and I met at Uni, on a night out at the pub, I caught him looking over at me and thought he was cute! We exchanged numbers and messaged one another over the summer break and started dating the following year. – How he popped the question? My sister was living over in the UK and I had gone over to visit her. On my arrival home, Jayden picked me up from the airport. I knew something was up as I had asked him to stop at MacDonald’s so I could get some fries. He totally forgot and drove past the big M. When we arrived home he told me to wait outside as he had found something in his cupboard when I was away (we …

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Intimate Wedding Celebration: Janet & Rodney

Story and photos by Jasmine Norris Photography Janet and Rodney are married!!! These two first met back when they were classmates in school. Not only were they classmates but they also both were a part of 4-H and got to know each other well (For some of their wedding portraits, we went back to the same fairgrounds where they both were involved with 4-H!). Once they both graduated, life took them in different directions and they didn’t see each other for 36 years. One day, they found each other on Facebook, started talking, became friends again, and well… the rest is history! Last November, Rodney asked Janet for her hand in marriage on the porch of his house. She said yes! Their wedding on Sunday was gorgeous, intimate, and filled with love. This was a second marriage for both Janet …

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French Inspired Wedding in a Mansion

Story and photos by BearMoose&Fox This beautiful French-inspired wedding took place at a renovated historical Texas venue. A true utopian feel in the middle of Central Texas is hard to find but this styled shoot was exactly that – showing couples you can achieve a very classic look, one to last you a lifetime, right here in Georgetown, Texas. All of the small details truly live and breathe the old country and it feels so much like a European wedding.

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