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Don’t Step on Anyone’s Toes

By Deborah Joy Black Excited about rehearsing that new “first dance” choreography you learned but have no room to practice? For about $10 an hour you can practice in one of the many professional studios around the area. Here are some tips to help ensure a pleasant environment and allow you to feel comfortable practicing in the studio. If space allows, dancers should set up speakers and use mirrors at opposite corners of the studio; once all four corners are full, fill in the middle sections. Rent space during non-peak hours (anytime before 6:00 p. m.) if you are practicing tap or flamenco, drumming or other loud percussive dances. Use earphones — especially if you need to play music loudly or nonstop and when directly next to ongoing lessons. Be mindful of volume levels and speaker location/angle. Turn your music off when not dancing to minimize the overall …

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