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Creative Reception Table Decor Ideas

By Rebecca Barnes, Publisher of Brides & Weddings Signup for Bridal Buzz newsletter¬† When it comes to planning your wedding reception, the table design can play a major role in setting the tone and creating the ambiance for your guests. From elegant and sophisticated to rustic and whimsical, there are endless options for reception table design. Here are some ideas and inspiration for creating beautiful and unique table decor: Floral Arrangements Floral arrangements are a classic and timeless choice for wedding table decor. Choose seasonal flowers in your favorite colors and pair them with candles or other decorative elements to create a romantic ambiance. Vary the height of the floral arrangements to create visual interest and dimension. Lanterns and Candles For a warm and intimate atmosphere, lanterns and candles are a great choice. Choose lanterns in different sizes and styles, …

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