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Beauty Background – Let it bloom! Summer perfumes

Summer has an indescribable smell, yet it has a different scent for each of us. A summer flirtation, the great adventure on a trip or simply a sunset at a romantic evening: the sunshine is even more enjoyable when accompanied by a suitable perfume reminding us of the best memories. It smells like summer! In summer, we have access to a much larger amount of fresh fruit than during the cold season. Apricots, strawberries, cherries, melons and rhubarb are making their comeback in our kitchens. But why not also enjoy these perfumes in our bathroom and in our wardrobe? Nowadays, fruity flavors are not the only ones to be popular: the luxurious and very fragrant flowers such as jasmine or Tiare flower are often at the centre of exotic perfume compositions. They add a hint of sensuality and are frequently …

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Wedding Planning (or Re-Planning} Tasks Couples Can Tackle While at Home

by Lisa Beth Miller We get it! This is a crazy and stressful time to be planning a wedding. And re-planning an already planned wedding due to a worldwide pandemic is a tad anxiety-inducing. But on the same note, many are suddenly faced with a lot of free time at home. I talked to Amanda Levin of Forever Magnolia Events about what little tasks nervous brides can tackle during this extraordinary time at home. Amanda is an experienced wedding professional who offers month-of coordination as well as full wedding planning services. So, what tasks are doable for most couples? “If you’ve had to change your date to a different season, start thinking about if you should change your colors, flowers, and menu to reflect the new date. You could definitely use this time to really brainstorm and get new inspiration …

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How to Take a Break From Wedding Stress and Pamper Yourself at Home

by Lisa Beth Miller Times are stressful worldwide right now. Many are being asked to stay at home as we deal with a pandemic unlike anything we’ve seen before. Wedding planning (or for some, re-planning) can just add to the onslaught of anxiety. So, how can a girl deal with it all? Slow down and give yourself a break! I chatted with a fabulous local beauty expert for some amazing ideas! Hania Issa is a professional makeup artist, eyebrow designer, and licensed esthetician who has been in the business for over 15 years. Early in her career, she worked extensively in fashion and television, which was all about making women look their best in front of the camera. Those experiences provided a great foundation for working with bridal parties. Most women will never be photographed more than on their wedding …

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COVID-19 Creates Wedding Planning Chaos: The Industry Offers Advice

by Lisa Beth Miller Local bride Andrea Gillis, a former wedding professional herself, knew the importance of being super-organized about planning her wedding to her fiance, Marty. The worldwide health emergency known as COVID-19, however, offered an unprecedented challenge to her meticulous plans. “We wanted to get married in our neighborhood, at a beautiful manor home, which is actually managed by the local city government. Due to all of the virus-related closures, the facility has cancelled all weddings up to May 4th. Things kind of started to unravel on March 18th. After speaking to my location’s representatives, they offered us a refund. With everyone pushing back their wedding dates 3-6 months out, I just couldn’t reschedule for a later date. I was afraid all of my vendors would cancel on us,” Andrea explained. Venue and caterer were the two biggest …

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Floral Initials

By Amanda Baity Floral initials are beautiful, personal wedding decorations, especially when filled with the couple’s favorite plants. They are great to make for your own wedding or to give as a gift to a gardening friend who is tying the knot. Try the couple’s first initials, or just their last initial if you only have time to make one. Or go all out and spell their names if you have the time! Wire Outline: To make your personalized floral initials you’ll need to begin with a wire frame. You can make them yourself, but they can be found at many craft and garden stores. The time and trouble saved to make the small cost worth it. You’ll also need moss to line your letters, plants to fill them and dirt for your plants to grow. Try to choose plants …

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Gifts that Rock

We love finding new gift ideas for our readers to give to their wedding party. Recently we were introduced to Whiskey Stones. Ice is Nice, but Whiskey Rocks! Let’s face it, watered down whiskey isn’t cool.  Give a personalized gift that is different and useful at the same time. The Rock n’ Cold Whiskey Stone set Includes: -6 Engraved Whiskey Stones.  The Whiskey Stones are 100% Soapstone and measure 1″ x 1″ -1 Muslin Bag -1 Instructions card Wash the rocks before the first use and dry completely. Put the rocks in the Muslin bag and place in the freezer for at least 3 hours.  Put the rocks in your chosen beverage (Whiskey / Wine etc…) to chill it without watering it down. These rocks can even be heated and used to keep coffee or tea warm. They are dishwasher and food safe and never wear out. Remember, …

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