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Special Release – Día de los Muertos American Malt Whisky

This whisky was made in collaboration with Adroit Theory Brewing Company, the evil geniuses of the local beer world! This beer started with Adroit’s famous Russian Imperial Stout, which we distilled and aged for over four years. The resulting whisky is full-bodied, rich, overflowing with notes of caramel, rich malt, chocolate, and honey-rubbed leather. It is simply incredible! Due to the terrible “angel’s share” in Virginia, there was a ton of evaporation on this spirit in the barrel. The good news is that means that the resulting alcohol is super-concentrated and especially delicious. The bad news is that we have less to sell. ONLY 147 BOTTLES AVAILABLE! Each bottle comes with a custom-made cedar gift box, and is priced at $159.99. Available in our tasting room only! Limit one bottle per customer. We seriously recommend lining up for this one. It will sell out …

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