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Luxurious Lashes that Last

Give your eyes a boost for your big day with these glamorous false lashes by Christian Abouhaidar. The classic false eyelash has had a makeover, make-up artists and glamour fans alike will be amazed by the new handcrafted false eyelashes from one of the most exciting make-up artists of this generation. These sophisticated and natural looking lashes transform looks and turn heads in equal measure, perfect for the most photographed day of your life!   Handcrafted from imitation mink tail hair, these lashes use a specific cut to create an even and natural spread of lash. They’re incredibly long-lasting and appear natural on the eye. A staple of women’s makeup bags for many years, false lashes are nothing new, but Christian Abouhaidar has created truly unique ones. And with five styles to choose from, each has their own individual look. …

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Fantastic Fall

Year after year, we see a bright spectacle of green, brown, yellow and red shades: as the sun belongs to summer and snow belongs to winter, the variety of colors is part of the fall season. Not only is it the most colorful season of the year, but also a real treasure chest of make-up and styling inspirations.

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