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Including Pets in Your Wedding

By Lisa Beth Miller People love their pets and often want their beloved animals to share their big day. Here is some helpful advice from pet experts for doing just this! How to prepare Get a snazzy outfit or accessory (maybe a bow tie) for your pooch. Arrange for someone to be in charge of pet so you don’t have to be. Make sure pet has an opportunity to go to the bathroom before walking down the aisle. Make plans for someone to hold or manage the dog during the ceremony. Don’t invite a dog to a wedding reception unless he is very small or very well behaved and completely supervised. Ideas for including your dog at your wedding Have someone walk him or her and sit with the dog and bring a chew toy to keep him or her …

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On Celebrating Your Original Wedding Date

By: Tania Hossain of  Wedding Stories By Tania If you have had to delay your wedding date due to any reason out of your control, you are not alone, especially if your original wedding date was in the spring or summer of 2020.  Due to social distance notices to protect public health, staying 6 feet apart with only 10 people was hardly the wedding you had imagined or planned. After working closely with a dozen couples whose 2020 wedding dates were postponed to 2021, I know how much sadness, confusion, and utter sense of loss our couples felt as they worked to schedule their wedding team for their new date. There was a reason our couples had picked their wedding date, so I asked a few of them what they did to celebrate their original date.  I picked a few …

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