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To the Rescue!

No matter how organized you are and how much planning you’ve done before the wedding, you should always expect the unexpected. And an emergency kit for your wedding day is the best way to prepare. If building your own kit, start at least two or three months before the wedding so you can gather the items over time. This allows you to consider the possible needs of your close friends and family. Designate someone to be responsible for the emergency kit, bringing it from location to location and keeping it readily available. Suggested emergency kit items: Band-Aids Blotting papers Bobby pins Bottle of water Clear nail polish Deodorant Nail file Feminine products Hairspray Hand lotion Hand sanitizer Lipstick or lip gloss Mints Pain reliever Q-tips Safety pins Small lint brush Super glue Tissues Tums/Rolaids Sewing Kit with scissors Granola bars or other easy-to-carry snacks Straws (you …

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