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Hilton Garden Inn Woodbridge: New and Convenient

By Ashley Simpson The Hilton Garden Inn Hotel of Woodbridge opened in April of 2015 and began hosting weddings just last year, at the start of 2016. As the largest venue in Prince William County, it’s no surprise that the hotel’s wedding calendar is filling up quickly for 2017 – and beyond. “The venue itself is 2,500 square feet,” Event Coordinator Evelyn Vargas said. “We had 13 weddings in 2016, so this is a brand new venue. Everything feels so new and is in such pristine shape.” The Hilton Garden Inn Woodbridge, which this year ranked 6th out of 700 of the brand’s hotels nationwide, offers plenty of attractive features for couples planning a wedding in addition to its size and luster. The appeal of a spanking new venue combined with the sheer convenience of the entire process makes the …

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