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Simply Jia, LLC: Wedding Styling

By Janet Cass | Sponsored by Simply Jia, LLC “I encourage people to consider styling for all aspects of the wedding,” so that the entire wedding journey, from engagement photo shoot to bachelor/bachelorette party to the marriage ceremony, whether intimate elopement or larger, and any other component such as clothing for family members and the wedding party, tells a visually cohesive story. Decisions, decisions So says Jia Zheng, of Simply Jia, LLC. She understands firsthand the myriad details and decisions people face when planning a wedding because she took the lead in planning her own, with support from a venue-mandated wedding coordinator. Her tactful guidance for people navigating their journey to the start of married life is a natural extension of her personal-style coaching service, Simply Jia, LLC. When clients of that service began asking Jia for advice about their …

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