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Great Gifts Come in Small Packages: Manassas Olive Oil Company Wedding Favors

Manassas Olive Oil Co., wedding favors

By Dominique McIndoe Manassas Olive Oil Company has been a family-owned business and a staple in the Manassas community since 2015. They serve some of the finest, freshest and tastiest extra virgin olive oils and aged balsamic vinegars that could touch human taste buds. The company’s olive oils and vinegars come as far as Spain, Italy and Chile. Their helpful staff is always ready and on hand to educate customers on different olive oils and vinegars, provide recipes for use on salads and meats, and share their passion of the origin and production practices for these soft commodities. In addition to being every health-conscious grocery shopper’s dream, Manassas Olive Oil Company also has their hand in the wedding industry. Brides and Weddings is here to give brides (and grooms) to be the inside scoop on how to spice up your …

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