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Cheers! Selecting Champagne for Your Wedding

By Lisa Beth Miller The champagne toast is a traditional part of most wedding receptions. It is a time to honor the newly married couple and celebrate their official union with an elegant and luxurious bit of the bubbly. But do you truly understand how to select a champagne for the toast? Here are some basics. There are four basic types of champagne. NV means the champagne is a nonvintage and is blended from several vineyards and harvests. For a champagne to be considered vintage, at least 80% of the grapes in the blend must have been harvested in the same season at a single vineyard. Rosè means that the champagne blend contains a bit of red wine or macerated red grape skins, giving it a pink color. Blanc de blancs are champagnes made only from chardonnay grapes, giving it a light and …

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