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Your White Dress Checklist (Newsflash: You Need More Than One!)

By Lisa Beth Miller Being engaged is an exciting time. It is a time to plan, shop, and shine like the fabulous fiancé that you deserve to be. Obviously, shopping for THE white (or white-ish) dress for the main wedding event is a huge deal. But have you thought about what to wear for all of the pre-wedding festivities? You have quite a few events to be excited about, and guess what? They will ALL be heavily photographed. So, start making the list of amazing white dresses that you will be needing! The Engagement Party Dress This is your big chance to acclimate everyone to the fact that you will soon be a bride! Find a fabulous white dress that is fresh, flattering, and family-friendly. Lots of pictures will be taken, so definitely take some test photos to be sure …

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Wedding Tips from Tangs: How to Fluff a Train

fluffing a wedding train, Tangs

Provided by Tangs Bridal and Alterations Train fluffing is an art. If you are in a wedding, whether as a bridesmaid, a mother of the bride, or a guest, this is a great tip to help you be of assistance to the bride on their big day. Have the train prepared on a flat surface Grab every layer of the train within both of your hands. The train should be treated as a full circle, so adjust the placement of your hands accordingly — not too far apart, and not in the center Gently toss the train up in a wave-like motion. Let the train grab the air blow, causing the fabric to pillow and balloon as it falls to the ground. Do not throw the train down. Let the fabric settle and adjust accordingly. This should help you in your …

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