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Wedding Gowns: How To Know If You’ve Found “The One”

by Lisa Beth Miller If you are addicted to reality wedding TV shows like I am, you probably think that it is obvious when you put on the “right” wedding gown. Some think it is a special hunch, while others claim the bride will most definitely shed tears when she sees herself in the correct dress. Some brides just do not experience this moment of clarity and never really feel one-hundred percent confident. Why? Well, for starters, many brides simply over-shop. They feel they they cannot allow themselves to relax and feel confident in a dress (no matter how perfect it truly looks) until literally EVERY dress option has been seen. This attitude often leads to marathon shopping sessions to multiple boutiques. This accomplishes very little because each visit to a new boutique starts the entire process from the very …

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Tips For Selecting Wedding Gown Colors

by Lisa Beth Miller At one time, traditional, stark white was the only real color option for brides. At this point, brides opt for the color that is most flattering to their skin tone, hair color, and eye color. Although designers name their wedding gown colors differently, there are four basic color options for the traditional bride. Here are some general guidelines on these color families: White: Stark white is a tricky shade to pull off, though it can be extremely flattering to women with cool undertones. (This describes you if you tend to look better in silver than in gold, and if colors like hot pink, blue, and purple flatter you.) If you have very pale skin or yellow undertones, stay away from stark white, and know that stark white fabric with a sheen to it looks even starker! …

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One-Stop Shop for Brides – Tang’s Alterations Offers More than Alterations

By Helena Tavares Kennedy   While Tang’s Alterations can handle your everyday alteration needs like hemming, sizing up or down, buttons, rips, and other issues with any type of garment and fabrics including draperies and outerwear, what brides might not expect from this alteration shop is the high level of customer service. Not only does Tang’s work come with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, their workmanship is totally guaranteed for the life of the garment and the fit is guaranteed for two weeks. It’s no wonder that they see an average of seven brides each day and have over 100 gowns in the shop for alterations right now. Whether your gown needs restyling, bustling, hemming, taking in or letting out, Tang’s can handle it all. Tang’s also offers a wide selection of veils, accessories and jewelry by Bling and Va …

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