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.wed: Wedding Websites & Domain Names

It seems almost second nature to want to create a wedding website. You can share your love story, post your engagement session photos, keep your guests in the loop and drop not-so-subtle hints about your gift registry. And your website provides a great icebreaker for bridal party members who haven’t met yet. “How to build a wedding website” nets over 31 million (yes, million!) results on Google. Templates make design easy and hosting is often free. The basics of your wedding website should include: • An “about” page, which is the story of how you met and fell in love (a great place to put your e-session gallery). • A “cast of characters” that includes your bridal party and why they play a role in your wedding. • Details (date, time, location) for all events. • A registry page which you can easily update. • Guest accommodation information with links to hotels. • A way for …

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