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Are White Bridesmaid Dresses an Acceptable Choice?

By Lisa Beth Miller Let’s talk about bridesmaid dresses. More specifically, let’s discuss white bridesmaid dresses. Pippa Middleton famously showed off in that white Alexander McQueen bridesmaid dress at William and Kate’s nuptials, then the Kardashian sisters donned white, almost bridal-style dresses for one of Kim Kardashian’s weddings, years ago. So, what is going on with this trend? Well…white is definitely an easy color (or lack of color) to work with. White is a clean, crisp, elegant color to work a big event around. There are endless varieties of beautiful flowers that come in white and white linens and décor are just as easy to come by. Paper products are often white anyway and white men’s accessories are certainly out there. The issue seems to become problematic when brides think about bridesmaid dresses. Most brides want to be the star …

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