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At Brides & Weddings, we take client support seriously.  We are part of YOUR team for success.


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Don’t forget if you are sending in new artwork or renewing for the July 2021 magazine, artwork is due May 23rd!

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How to navigate the Client Center

Please let me know how we can help you make your business more visible, gain more clients, and work smarter, not harder!

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Connect with others in the wedding industry

Find others who work in the wedding industry through our monthly Women’s Wedding Network events! If you are looking to get in touch with them, then check out our sign-up sheets for contact info.


Q- How can I make sure I am using all the tools and opportunities I get with Brides & Weddings?

A- use this checklist to see what you can do to maximize your visibility: 

Q- Where do I get the Bridal list? * While the list is still available, the pandemic caused bridal shows and venues to close, limiting the number of engaged couples that have OPTED IN to share their info with you. To help, we have made the following enhancements:

  • Changed the Bridal buzz email that previously went out monthly to weekly and rotate your sponsored stories or submitted blogs to our list of 8,000 brides (those that did not OPT-IN to share their email address directly with you.)
  • Offered an additional sponsored story to each client to help with getting your message out to engaged couples. contact David at for more information

A- Bridal List. Email Diane for the password at

Q- I had a bride tell me she doesn’t want to be contacted.

A- All of the names we receive, entered a contest, asked for a Brides & Weddings planning guide, or attended a bridal show.  At that time, whether they remember it or not, they gave permission to be contacted by us and our vendors. We are more than happy to remove their information.  Each month inside the Monthly Bridal List folder, we post a word doc with anyone who has contacted us to be removed. Please add the name of the bride on this list or email Rebecca at so we can add it.

Q- I’m not sure I understand my invoice. Who do I talk to about my bill?

A- Our invoices are produced by QuickBooks and use best accounting practices.  Both your payment and your balance show on the invoice. Your payment amount should match what is agreed upon in your contract and your balance is also reflected for your convenience.  If you have questions, email us at Accounting is in every Monday, but you should hear back via email in between.

Q- How do I submit a listing for my company?

A. Vendor Profiles         Venue Profile

Q- How do I request changes to my listing?

A. Change Request

Q- How do I turn in my artwork for print or online?

A- Ad upload form

Q-I don’t have artwork and don’t have a way to make it

A- Request Artwork Creation

Q- How can you follow me on social media?

A. Social Media Profile

Q- How do I get my event or news promoted?

A- Event Submission FormSUBMIT REAL WEDDING, submit blog post,  Social media promotion form and Hot Deals

Q- How can I get extra visibility?
A- Contests  Video Interviews

Q- What networking and learning opportunities do you have?
A- Women’s Wedding Network

A1 – What Benefits do I get as a Brides & Weddings Client at WWN?

Q- How can I get copies of the latest issue of Brides & Weddings to keep on hand for my clients?

A- Order Brides & Weddings


Don’t see your question here?  Current clients can reach out to the following folks for assistance:

Rebecca Barnes, Publisher
Rebecca has almost 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur and leader in the business community. Specializing in communications and marketing, she has won numerous awards, including business of the year three times from the Prince William Chamber of Commerce.  Questions about maximizing your visibility with Brides & Weddings?  Set up a call with Rebecca here:  or email

Amanda Baity, Director of Operations and Photo Editor

Amanda has more than ten years of print & digital magazine experience. As a wedding professional in the metro Atlanta area for many years, she is familiar with marketing to clients, working with wedding vendors, and operating a successful business.  Amanda can be reached at 703-847-7412 x 3 or email

Diane Puigdomenech, Client Services

With many years in the client satisfaction business, Diane can help get the answers you are looking for, reach out to her at