Dos and Don’ts for Saying “I Do”

Use the following Dos & Don’ts and you’ll have all your fashionable “ducks in a row:”

1. DO choose accessories that work with your dress style. Don’t wear an elaborate necklace with a gown that features an already adorned neckline. For a sleeveless dress, try a simple bracelet rather than big bangles. Avoid excessive hand jewelry – keep a clean pallet so your wedding ring will shine.

2. DON’T over accessorize. The only distraction from the dress should be your glowing face. All accessories should complement the dress – not compete with it.

3. DO keep jewelry classic, yet elegant. Pearls, diamonds, neutral-colored metals and stones are always safe choices. You may choose to abandon this rule for themed weddings, or if your dress is non-traditional or avant-garde.

4. DON’T distract from beautiful hairstyles with too much “stuff.” Consider jeweled hair pins, a mother-of-pearl comb or a diamond tiara – and just choose one.

5. DO enhance a backless dress with a Cartier Backdrop Necklace. Look around to find inexpensive versions and vintage look-alikes.

6. DON’T forget that good tailoring is critical. An inexpensive dress can be transformed to an eye-stopping piece of haute couture with the rig ht stitching. A well-altered garment should fit the body, without bunching or pinching the skin. Select a tailor with superb credentials – now’s not the time to show off your Home Ec sewing skills.

7. DO enhance your look with a body shaping undergarment. These garments can bring an instant hour glass shape to the body, straighten posture, and even cause you to instantly appear two sizes smaller.

8. DO remember good tailoring for the groom. Jacket sleeves should be long enough to expose a half-inch of the dress shirt. Avoid cuffing formal trousers. A gentleman should stand out on his wedding day – play with colorful ties, bow ties, pocket squares, boutonnieres and cummerbunds. Now’s not the time to wear Chuck Taylors – unless they’re part of the wedding party’s ensemble.

In the end it’s all about you and your individual style. Always trust your inner feelings when choosing
dresses, suits, tuxedos and accessories. And remember – have fun and say “I Do!”

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