Monica and Ricco’s Musical Proposal

by Amy Serrago

Monica and Ricco met working in the same grocery store during high school. They were friends, but never developed deeper feelings for each other, although Monica’s mom absolutely adored Ricco. When Monica went away for college, she and Ricco only spoke sporadically even though her mom still shopped at the same store and would report back each time she saw Ricco. Years later, the two hadn’t seen each other in forever, maintaining their friendship on Facebook, when Ricco invited Monica to a Labor Day pool party at his house. Monica accepted his invite and when she saw him again after so much time had passed, Monica says she “was in love”.

After three years together, Ricco was ready to surprise Monica and pop the question. One night, they were meeting her family for dinner, when they walked into the restaurant and found them sitting at a huge table. Her dad played off the oversized accommodations and Monica went with it. There was a piano near the table and as they approached, Ricco sat down and started hitting the keys. Monica, immediately embarrassed, told him to stop, because he doesn’t know how to play! She thought he was just messing around until she recognized that he was playing their song. As she inched closer to him, he looked up with eyes full of emotion and said, “Are you going to make me keep playing, or can I just ask you”? Then he got done on one knee and said, “Monica, will you marry me”? Monica, of course, said yes! Just then, more of their friends and family came into the restaurant and they all spent the evening celebrating the couple’s engagement.

Monica found out later, that Ricco had secretly started taking piano lessons so that he could learn to play their song and surprise her with an incredibly romantic proposal! And as Monica put it, her mom was thrilled that “she was right all along”.

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