Rustic Backyard Wedding

Captured & submitted by Chrisstan Photography

“I thought this day would never come,” Shawn said under his breath, not just once, but multiples times, with tears streaming down his face. He could not contain his overwhelming love for Samantha. I had stopped by the ceremony site the evening before, and Shawn was out making sure the rows of chairs were just perfect. It was obvious, this day was just as important to the groom as it was to the bride.

This backyard wedding was picturesque, hosted at Samantha’s parent’s house which was surrounded by rolling, light green fields and a beautiful sun filled sky. The weather was perfect with a gentle breeze, a balmy 74 degrees.

The large, regal, white tent with flags on top, had the feel of royalty. As I walked around the tent I was met with a breathtaking scene, the flowers, the entryway, the aisle lined with oriental carpets, and a selection of pitchers lining the aisle overflowing with blooms and the arbor (that was built by Melissa, Samantha’s mom and Shawn) with sprays of dusty blue, spice and earth tone flowers. Fresh flowers always add an extra element of class and are so impactful. As you look through their memories, notice how the flowers complimented every single item.

The guys were playing cornhole in the garage and would get ready there. A perfect choice because Samantha was raised in a racing family. The girls were in the house finishing up their last minute details.

At 4:30, a John Deere tractor (let’s be clear that Shawn clearly is sold on Massey Ferguson, I don’t want to mar his reputation) pulling a wagon filled with the wedding party arrived.

Finally, the moment came, the white doors opened and there stood the stunning bride. Shawn’s face again streaming in tears, Samantha’s glowing with anticipation and joy.

It was emotional listening them recite the vows they wrote for each other. Obviously, they both put a lot of thought into the words they chose. Samantha to Shawn, “I knew it back then and I still know it now, that you are 100% the other part of me.”

Both the toasts were very touching. His Uncle Dustin’s stood out to me …I’m paraphrasing here but he broke down the evolution of their relationship in such a heart-rending way “Crazy Uncle…ketchup on tacos, up all night playing playstation …Father Figure -when needed…Landlord – Shawn made it happen even when most people didn’t believe (Shawn owns D&D Sawmill Services and has worked hard to have a successful business) … Most of all friends. Advice… keep God first, family second, and fun third… work is last.”

That is the perfect way to end every wedding ceremony: “Keep God first, family second, and fun third… work is last.”.

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