Gothic Glamour Halloween Wedding

Captured by Honey Lens Wedding Photography
Submitted by Carolina Crafts on Tap

On a Fall day, not your typical Halloween inspired wedding styled shoot took place in a beautiful, moody wooded setting with an ambiance of dark elegance.

The juxtaposition between light and dark, beauty and non-beauty played against hints of light colors mixed with the dark tones and touches of modern accents with vintage flair. The contrasting floral arrangements featured deep traditional tones with pops of light colors, bring this dark, yet beautiful set to life.

The bride exuded mysteriousness and beauty, wearing a black lace wedding dress and a custom black veil to accent her beauty.

The magpie was a huge inspiration and featured as the cake topper on a non-traditional dark and light wedding cake. I love the folklore of magpies collecting shiny objects and the juxtaposition between the dark, ugly bird being and the beautiful, shiny metals it loves to collect.

A moody, whimsical bar is the backdrop of their first toast as a couple with whimsical cocktails, like Poisoned Apple and Gold Champagne, featuring edible glitter, dry ice, and cedar smoked wood infusions.

To end this stunning evening, the bride and groom were enveloped in an orange smoke cloud that brought mystery and intrigue to the set. This couple invoked the very nature of “till death do them part.”

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