Meredith and Adam’s Elegant Garden Wedding at Glen Magna Farms

Captured & submitted by Colton Simmons Photography


Meredith and Adam’s wedding at Glen Magna Farms was a beautifully orchestrated event that combined simplicity with timeless elegance, set against the enchanting backdrop of the farm’s historic architecture and lush gardens. Their early fall wedding took full advantage of the natural beauty of the season, with warm tones and soft greens creating a magical atmosphere around the venue.

The celebration was deeply enriched by the presence of family members from around the world, making it not just a union of two people but also a joyous reunion. The outdoor ceremony was held under a canopy of fall foliage with the historic mansion as a majestic backdrop, where the couple exchanged vows that were a personal and traditional blend, deeply resonating with all present.

The reception highlighted Adam’s Lebanese heritage through music and dance, adding a vibrant and cultural dimension to the evening. The energy of Lebanese beats brought everyone to their feet, celebrating the fusion of cultures and the couple’s shared love.

Glen Magna Farms itself played a significant role in their day, not merely as a venue but as a character in their wedding story, offering a setting that was both historically rich and visually stunning. Capturing their wedding, from the emotional vows to the lively reception, underscored the power of photography to preserve these fleeting moments as everlasting memories.


Photo Booth Equipment: Luxe Wedding Collective//Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Indochino//Dress Designer:Jenny Yoo//Caterer: Vinwood Catering//Event Venue: Glen Magna Farms//Photographer: Colton Simmons Photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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