5 Most Common Wedding Planning Mistakes

Here are some simple, yet very important guidelines to help keep your sanity while planning your wedding:

1. Trying to do it all by yourself: Enlist your fiance’, friends and family in the planning. It will be more fun, less stressful, and can be a great bonding experience. Consider using the services of a professional wedding coordinator to keep everything on track and look out for all of the details on your wedding day.

2. Failure to explore ALL of your options: If you buy the first dress you try on, book the first reception site you visit or hire the first photographer you talk to, you will likely second-guess your decision later. The better strategy is to take your time, compare options and shop around. Take advantage of all of the planning resources available to you, including bridal magazines, websites and bridal shows.

3. Failure to plan for the unexpected: Planning an outdoor wedding? What if it rains? Planning a winter wedding? What if it snows? What if a member of your wedding party can’t make it? You will eliminate the potential for wedding day stress by having a backup plan in place.

4. Trusting your wedding to non-professionals: It’s tempting to try to save money by using Uncle Charlie and his camera. After things are over, all you have are the memories … and the photos and video. Trust the important elements of your wedding to the professionals.

In the wedding industry, there are some businesses that survive because new brides-to be
don’t know their reputations. Do your research. Ask your other vendors and newly married
friends for referrals. It’s a close-knit industry, and soon you will know who is reliable and who is not.

5. Failure to allow time for yourself: You will need a lot of energy to make it through your wedding day, so get as much rest as you can in the days prior to the big event. You are much more likely to enjoy your special day if you are not exhausted or stressed out. Treat yourself to a day at the spa, go on a quiet date with your fiance’ or simply set aside time for a nap.

By avoiding these mistakes you will enjoy the planning process and your wedding day. 

Marc McIntosh is the Producer of Washington Wedding Experience, the area’s largest
wedding shows. For a listing of upcoming shows visit www.weddingexperience.com.

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