A couple celebrates their wedding at Twin Lakes Golf Course.

Twin Lakes Golf Course

By Alyssa Souvignier

A couple celebrates their wedding at Twin Lakes Golf Course.

Brides looking for an affordable venue option for their wedding reception may be interested in Twin Lakes Golf Course. Located at 6201 Union Mill Road in Clifton, Virginia, this newly renovated ballroom seats 175-200 people comfortably for a wedding reception and at a price that may be surprising.

The venue, which is located within a picturesque golf course setting, bases pricing on a flat fee of $400 per hour for the first five hours (five-hour minimum required) and just an additional $200 per hour after that. Set-up is included. Additionally, costs are constant regardless of the day of week chosen for the reception. According to Twin Lakes Events Manager Kara Martinez, most venues base pricing on a per person cost and require brides to use a preferred catering vendor. Twin Lakes does not work with preferred vendors and brides are free to choose the cater of their choice.

The venue boosts many features including a neutral paint scheme that will accommodate any décor. There is an outdoor area perfect for cocktail hours and all tables and chairs, as well as a dance floor, are included. In addition, Twin Lakes will provide white table linens at no added cost. While brides must provide bartenders, and purchase all beer through Twin Lakes, for just a flat fee of $200 the bride may bring in her own liquor selection.

Sandra, a bride whose reception was held in October 2016, said, “I would not have been able to “pull it off” without you! Thank you.”

An outdoor cocktail reception at Twin Lakes

Twin Lakes hosts approximately 15-20 wedding receptions per year and brides are encouraged to make early reservations as some weekends are more popular than others, and the facility hosts only one event per day. For more information, brides-to-be may contact Kara Martinez by phone at 703-324-9701 or by email at kara.martinez@fairfaxcounty.gov.

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