Garden Wedding at The Chapel at Chestnut Square

Captured & submitted by Sarah Lindholm Photography

I’ve known Meg and Christian since high school, so this was definitely a wedding I have been looking forward to since they first asked me to be their wedding photographer! They planned the sweetest day at The Chapel at Chestnut Square in historic downtown Mickinney Texas. They got married here almost a year ago (August 7th 2020) and this last Friday celebrated their marriage with their closest friends and family! I was so honored to be included in their day because you could feel so much love for them. This was definitely one of those moments where I had to control my happy tears, these are some of the sweetest people I’ve ever had the joy of working with and I have been so excited for them since they met back in high school.

There were some details during the day that I loved, one of them that you may or may not notice is the back of Meg’s dress at the bottom of the corset. She included a piece of her mom’s wedding dress and its perfectly disguised on the back. It was a perfect way of including a family heirloom into any wedding day.

Meg and Christian renewed their vows at the same venue with the same officiant surrounded by their closest friends and family on Friday, July 30th 2021, their ceremony included their ring exchange as well as a unity ceremony of braiding three strands together. One of my favorite moments of their ceremony was when the officiant was explaining something Meg and Christian did individually with her before they got married. They shared a specific word that describes their partner. This is the part that got me because Meg’s word for Christian was “Right”. I won’t go into specifics because I was trying not to listen as to not tear up, but from knowing them I have to agree, they are simply right for one another.

Event Venue: The Chapel at Chestnut Square//Photographer: Sarah Lindholm Photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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