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Dos and Don’ts for Saying “I Do”

Use the following Dos & Don’ts and you’ll have all your fashionable “ducks in a row:” 1. DO choose accessories that work with your dress style. Don’t wear an elaborate necklace with a gown that features an already adorned neckline. For a sleeveless dress, try a simple bracelet rather than big bangles. Avoid excessive hand jewelry – keep a clean pallet so your wedding ring will shine. 2. DON’T over accessorize. The only distraction from the dress should be your glowing face. All accessories should complement the dress – not compete with it. 3. DO keep jewelry classic, yet elegant. Pearls, diamonds, neutral-colored metals and stones are always safe choices. You may choose to abandon this rule for themed weddings, or if your dress is non-traditional or avant-garde. 4. DON’T distract from beautiful hairstyles with too much “stuff.” Consider jeweled hair pins, a mother-of-pearl comb or a diamond tiara – and just choose one. 5. DO enhance a backless …

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